OUR Services

To meet the legal requirements and responsibilities, building owners and occupiers must ensure that the fire compartmentation in their buildings is robust and being adequately managed and maintained.

Passive Solutions Ltd are available for site visits and phone consultations, we provide design works, quotations, advice and detailed solutions.

We install Fire Protection to new or existing penetrations through Fire Cells (floors, walls and ceilings) in Commercial and Residential Buildings to comply with AS4072.1 Standards and all installations are tested to AS1530.4 Standards.

These Systems are designed to either be installed or reinstated to provide the integrity of the Fire Rated Separation to eliminate the spread of Fire and achieve the required Fire Rated Levels for Compliance.

We work alongside with our Suppliers, Fire Engineers and Council to ensure that your building is fully compliant. 

On completion of a project all installations are tagged, documented and a Producer Statement (PS3) shall be issued confirming that the Passive Fire Protection installations are installed in accordance as per System approved to AS1530.4 and AS4072.1 Standards.

We perform Repairs and Remedial works.  Maintenance must be carried out according to specified standards, certified by an Independent Qualified Person (IQP)