Surveying and Quotations

If Surveying and Inspections are what you require, we can provide an in depth report outlining the current condition of the building and advice on typical instances of Non-Compliance.

Once Surveyed, we can assist you to achieve full Compliance with any project and provide a detailed Register documentation and Producer Statement (PS3) upon completion of our installed Passive Fire Protection works.

Passive Solutions Ltd (PSL) are available for site visits and phone consultations. We provide detailed advice and solutions to rectify your potential issues.

To meet the legal requirements and responsibilities, building owners and occupiers must ensure that the fire compartmentation in their buildings are robust and being adequately managed for new alterations and future maintenance.

PSL will visually inspect all compartment walls and floors including service risers, both above ceilings, beneath raised floors (where existing) and along corridors in the areas of the building identified on the Fire Drawings and Fire Report.  We will prepare a report that will identify any short comings and make recommendations accordingly, will include representative photographs, advising on typical instances of non-compliance and areas of any special consideration. The report will include an itemised schedule numerically coded to the marked up drawings indicating each item of non-compliance with an accompanying photograph where possible.

We can also carry out all necessary building works required for the installation of Passive Fire Protection which is first quoted and then authorised by you.